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Digital twin improves regulatory compliance in aeronautics

Digital twin improves regulatory compliance in aeronautics

Regulators worldwide grounded Boeing’s best-selling plane 737 Max in March following two crashes in five months that killed a total of 346 people. A number of issues have been detected: the potential difficulty pilots have in turning the jet’s manual trim wheel, the unreliability of the Max’s angle of attack sensors, inadequate training procedures, software issue pertaining to a lagging microprocessor, autopilot failing to disengage in certain emergencies. 

For Boeing to address the issues described above can take many months, if not years, as retrofitting additional hardware can be costly and time consuming for the manufacturer.

A full digital twin implementation can cut the time to fix all these issues by 80%. Working with a complete and updated design of the plant and plane in a cloud environment, means thousands of CPU cores and GPU can be quickly allocated to run hundreds of optimization scenarios that look at product performance and manufacturing changes to find the ideal solution that solves the problems and can be quickly implemented in the production line.

André Godinho Luz

CEO Infinite Foundry

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